Welder Training

HWA this year started a series of training programs on welding technology. These programs last 20-40 hours and involve theoretical and practical training in various welding processes and welding positions. The classes are of 6-8 people and the lessons are held in the premises of HWA Monday to Friday 17:00-21:00.

It is designed for professional and amateur welders who want to specialize in a welding process and in difficult welding positions. It is also designed for professionals of other working backgrounds who want to make a career change. The programs are flexible and allow the participant to attend  the specific program which best meets his needs.

At the end of the course, if a participant is interested, HWA can undertake the welders certification procedure according to EN 287 for the process, material and position of his/her desire.

For more information and application forms

info@hwelda.com Tel: 210 6256706

Application form in PDF:

Schedule for Basic Welding Training in PDF: