TWI authorized training and examination services agent for Greece and Cyprus

The Hellenic Engineering Company in collaboration with TWI will implement on the 16th Of April 2018 in Perama, Athens the training program and examinations which lead to the internationally recognized certification:

BGAS-CSWIP Painting Inspector Grade 2

The British Gas Approval Scheme (BGAS) is managed by TWI. It is the certification system of Great Britain designed and intended for inspectors whose professional area is the gas pipeline industry.  All inspectors who are directly or indirectly involved with gas pipelines must be certified by BGAS. This certification combined with TWI CSWIP offer the advantages below:

  • International recognition
  • Internationally recognized training system
  • Qualifications which reflect the needs of the global market.

The certification holders become instantly members of an international database of specialized inspectors who can seek an international career in different operations in industry . Other than that they experience the most competitive training and specialization in the field of painting systems inspection procedures in metal fabrication.

For more information with regards to the time schedule, the acceptance criteria and the application procedures please contact the Hellenic Engineering Company. Due to a limited number of places, a strict order of priority will be observed.

In the following links you can review more info in relation to the certification and the possibilities that this certification offers.



Painting Inspector tasks and responsibilities

  • Acting in support of the Engineer and/or Painting Inspector Grades 1 on all technical matters relating to painting inspection
  • Ensuring that requirements of the paint and painting specifications are met, including the safe environment handling and disposing of materials associated with painting operations.
  • Carrying out all aspects of painting inspection and maintaining accurate records.

Suitable for:

Candidates with or without experience in the Painting Inspection Industry. This suite of certification provides a realistic stepping stone for those seeking a career change and represents a real opportunity for established inspectors to extend the scope of their certifications into new areas.

Course Content:

Corrosion theory; surface preparation; surface contaminants and tests; paint constituents and technology; solutions and dispersions; drying and curing properties and performance; specified painting conditions; cathodic protection; holiday/pinhole detection; paint-application methods; paint/paint film testing; paint identification; metal coatings; paint faults; colour; inspection methods; specification requirements; health and safety and working practices.

Course Duration : 4 days plus 1 day examinations

Course Objectives:

  • To recognize and identify the benefits/disadvantages of paint systems
  • To understand the importance of surface preparation
  • To understand methods of application and testing
  • To understand paint system inspections
  • To interpret requirements of standards
  • To meet the syllabus requirements for the BGAS-CSWIP Painting Inspector Examination.

Additional Information:

Candidates MUST bring:

  • 2 passport sized photographs
  • a valid eyesight certificate from a doctor or an optician showing satisfactory eyesight for near vision, permitting reading a minimum of Times Roman N4, or equivalent type and size letters, at not less than 300mm on a standard test chart for near vision, in at least one eye, corrected or uncorrected. Candidates for the painting inspector will be required to have had a color perception assessment by the Ishihara 24 plate test or an equivalent
  • a completed application form and full examination fee


Experience may be acquired prior to or following success in the examination. In the event that the experience is sought following successful examination, the results of the examination shall remain valid for two years. The minimum duration for industrial experience prior to or following success in the qualification examination is 6 months, showing knowledge of dry abrasive blast cleaning or industrial paint application techniques.

Training and Examination cost: 1800 Euros


HENC Application form